Task Checklist

Fixes from previous task sheet

➢ Dropdown lists are appearing and functioning correctly 

Section One

Multi-Step Submission 

a.  Slide 1:

  • Custom next button ✔

  • Get Subscription Status(capture in form: subscriber/nonsubscriber) ✔

  For non subscribers:

  • Pay button appears on load ✔

  • 'Next' button disabled until after payment ✔

  • Price for non-subscribers set as specified ✔

  • Remember payment status of worksheet for non-subscribers ✔

b.  Slide 2:

  • Custom 'back' button ✔

  • User input appears in 'read only' format ✔

  • 'Submit' button links to lightbox ✔

c. Lightbox:

  • 'Lightbox' is the final submission stage ✔

  • Successful submission redirects user to 'Submission' page ✔

  • Successful submission automatically updates 'submission status' in dataset as 'recevied' ✔

After Submission:

  • On worksheet reload, if user is non-subscriber, 'pay' button and 'next' button return to normal ✔

  • Form is cleared ✔

d. Save Work

  • 'Save' button is available on slide 1 on load and allows user to return to worksheet any time before submission to view what they saved ✔

  • Any saved work is cleared after submission ✔

➢All points in section 1 (a, b, c, d) have been completed on the worksheets below:

Personal  Writing

Topical Essay

News &Current Affairs

Opening Sentence


Picture Prompt

Photo Description

Text Comprehension